Establishment Finotech Switzerland AG

Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicones Ltd. announced the establishment of its
Sales and Marketing subsidiary, Finotech Switzerland AG, Zurich Switzerland. Under the leadership of Mr. Joerg P. Szybalski and his
experienced team, Finotech Switzerland AG expands the companies
international sales and marketing activities in the industrial Sealants and
Adhesive market.

Finotech Switzerland AG was created to provide business development
and new sales and marketing channel for the brand, as well as to open
the opportunity for establishing and building strategic partnerships, joint
ventures and acquisitions.

“To meet our customer’s requirements so that we can grow our
businesses further, it is imperative that we establish a more dynamic
business model,” said Mr. Yongfu He – President Hangzhou Zhijiang
Silicones Ltd..

“Customer and innovation focus – that is what Finotech® means for
markets in the past 23 years. We are proud to participate and drive in the
further business development for the global brand Finotech®” so Mr.
Joerg P. Szybalski – CEO Finotech Switzerland AG.