Finotech® SQ-10

Finotech® SQ-10


  • Glass Industry
  • Sealant for Insulating Glass Units


  • Two part Silicone to be mixed and applied via pneumatic pumps as secondary sealant in dual sealed IGU’s


  • A – Component Drum 250 kg
  • B – Component Pail 25 kg

Service Offering

  • Pump application support
  • Compatibility and adhesion tests

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Silicone technology – UV & Weatherability

Good for Insulation Glass Unit used in Façades, commercial Doors & Windows and technical Insulation Glass Units applications

Compliant with EN 1279-2 and 4

External test result available to facilitate IGU testing and building project applicability

Optimized packaging

Almost no wastage due to inliner foil packaging for A and B component

Noncorrosive to pump seals

Can be used for almost all online and offline pump brands common in glass industry

Well balanced open / tack free time

Less mixer cleaning shots for reduced wastage and higher capacity per men hour

Finotech® System product with primary seal (SQ-5), Structural Glazing adhesives (SQ-200, 110, 150) and Finotech® Silicone Weather sealants

No extra testing amongst the system products. The fast track to high acceptance level in building projects.

Finotech® SQ-10

Finotech® SQ-10