Finotech® SQ-150

Finotech® SQ-150


  • Glass Industry – Structural Bonding of IGU to façade, windows and door frame systems
  • Structural Glazing Silicone compliant to ETA 002, ASTM C1184, C920 and GB 16776-2005


  • Two part silicone to be mixed and applied via pneumatic pumps as secondary sealant in dual sealed IGU’s


  • A – Component Drum 250 kg
  • B – Component Pail 25 kg

Service Offering

  • Pump application support
  • Compatibility and adhesion tests

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Silicone technology

State of technology for Structural Glazing in Facades.

Compliant with ETA 002

External test result available to facilitate building project specification

Optimized packaging

Almost no wastage due to inliner foil packaging for A and B component

Noncorrosive to pump seals

Can be used for almost all online and offline pump brands common in glass industry

Well balanced open / tack free time

Less mixer cleaning shots for reduced wastage and higher capacity per men hour

Finotech® System product with Finotech IG-SIL like as SQ-10 and SQ-50. Good to be used in combination with Finotech® SQ-200; SQ-490; SQ-500

No extra testing amongst the system products.

Finotech® SQ-150

Finotech® SQ-150