Finotech® SQ-200

Finotech® SQ-200


  • Glass and facade industry – Structural glass bonding for façades, windows and door frame systems
  • Structural glazing silicone compliant to ASTM C1184, C920 and GB 16776-2005


  • One part silicone ready to be applied


  • 300ml Cartridge
    24 per box – 60 boxes per pallet
  • 600ml Sausage
    20 per box – 60 boxes per pallet
  • Drums 260kg

Service Offering

  • Compatibility and adhesion tests

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Silicone technology, High strengths, Cycle movement ASTM C719 ±25%

UV and weatherability technology. Proven and accepted for structural and flexible bonding applications exposed to sunlight and harsh outside climate for long periods

Compliant with international standards and testing norms. ASTM C920 25 class; ASTM C1184; GB 16776-2005

External test result available to facilitate building project specification

Well balanced application and curing properties

Low sag or slump, easy to extrude and great tooling properties. Fast skinning to avoid dust and dirt pick up and fast cure through properties to reach requested mechanical strengths on time.

Primer less adhesion to most used surfaces

Application time and costs savings.

Finotech® System product with Finotech IG-SIL like as SQ-10 and SQ-50. Good to be used in combination with Finotech®SQ-200; SQ-490; SQ-500

No extra compatibility testing amongst the system products.

Finotech® SQ-200

Finotech® SQ-200