About Us

Since 1996, FINOTECH has grown to be recognised as one of the most reliable brands for speciality sealants and adhesives in the façade, construction and industry markets. Today, FINOTECH has global presence with double-digit market share especially in the Asian market.

Main objective is to become No. 1 in reliability and professionalism for sealants and adhesives in our core markets. Our integrity and customer minded services establish the CONFIDENCE BOND to our customers.

Our international experienced team at FINOTECH SWITZERLAND AG manage our global business strategies and has introduced the SWISS QUALITY MANAGEMENT certification program.

About Us

Core Values


Our product quality represents the highest international standards. It always meets the technical specification communicated and is superior in consistency. We guarantee fit for purpose through our “Swiss Quality Management system” being installed throughout the supply chain from ingredient to application.

Loyalty & Responsibility

Our employees, distribution partners and suppliers are essential for our customer satisfaction. We firmly believe loyalty is based on reciprocity created by confidence and trust in each other. Building and continuously improving confidence is our mission and style.

Customer Focus

Our strong sales management and the customer centred mentality throughout the entire supply chain secure our principal commitment of market and customer orientation. Unlike some of our major competitors we believe in competitiveness and in personally-tailored high-level services for our customers.


Our technologies are «state of the art»: We work closely with leading Universities and global raw material – and equipment suppliers. With our own research and production technology capabilities we convert the findings into our quality products. Every year we invest a substancial percentage of our annual revenue in our factories and our development centre.


Products Application Benefit in a Nutshell Technology
Finotech® SQ-600 LVOC Fire rated Wet sealing Glass to frame for Windows and Doors EN13501-1 Class “E”; Choice of colors Silicone
Finotech® SQ-621 Fire protection sealant , joint and gap filler In- and Outdoor, ASTM E 84 Class A , Non-Flammable Acrylic
Finotech® SQ-625 Fire protection intumescent sealant joint and gap filler, fixation and sealing of small vision panel in fire doors 5 times intumescent rate, 2 h BS 476 part 20 Expandable Acrylic
Finotech® SQ-680 Surface bonding of fire door infills, non-combustible Cooling and high strengths bonding, non combustible, bonding of fire door infills Sodium-silicate
Finotech® FSET 30 Fire Stop Expandable Tape Fire rated building component systems as fire doors or profile systems, low and mid fire rate Weather resistant, non-ageing,solid foam body, flexible, moderate expansion Thermoplastic Expandable Graphite Tape
Finotech® FSET 60 Fire Stop Expandable Tape Fire rated building component systems as fire doors or profile systems, mid fire rate Weather resistant, non-ageing,solid foam body, flexible, very good expansion Thermoplastic Expandable Graphite Tape
Finotech® FSGT Fire Stop Glazing Tape Glazing tape fire protection glass, high temperature resistant sealing Soft, perm. temp. resistant 1200°C, easy application, black and white, low biopersistence AES fibre Tape
Finotech® FSGTe Fire Stop Glazing Tape Expandable Glazing fire protection glass Expandable, soft, perm temperature resistant 1200°C Expandable ceramic fibre Tape
Finotech® FSSB Fire Stop Setting Block Glazing fire protection glass Non-combustible, water resistant, asbestos free, thicknesses from 2-6 mm Cement based Material
Finotech® FSBR Fire Stop Backer Rod Fire & Smoke Stopping joint filling backer rod Soft, non-combustible, easy application, water repellent Mineralwool
Finotech® FSCI Fire Stop Cooling Insert Fire rated building component systems as fire doors or profile systems Cooling by chemical bond water, stable board, different thicknesses from 2-20 mm Magnesium-Sulphate-Cement Board
Finotech® Naper-S Board Fire Protection Application e.g. Fire door infills 1200 kg/m³, High thermal insulation in case of fire, mechanical strength and resistence to moisture Calcium-Silicate
Finotech® Fireguard Board For all cases of Fire Protection 800 kg/ m³, High thermal insulation in case of fire, high resistance to moisture, Marine certificated Calcium-Silicate-Sulphate


What partners say

Our testimonials

As a leading production machinery supplier for the sealant and adhesive industry we always claim the important of precise technology for the quality and consistency. Zhijiang/ Finotech started in the 90th as once of the first to buy our equipment. We are proud to be connected to them and to have supplied just recently a five head cartridge filling line. All the best for the new FINOTECH venture.

SCHWERDTL/ MD Bernhard Stoll

Inside out of the team

Mr. Joerg P. Szybalski

Mr. Joerg P. Szybalski


In today fast changing world famous brand names disappear virtually over night, new names are becoming popular. My motivation to support FINOTECH is clearly the team standing out and representing values ​​which are meaningful to all of us. Honesty and integrity are ingredients that make the difference every day. Quality and technology are Finotech’s long term assets and that is why the customers stay with us.

Tel: +41 791 047 305
E-Mail: joerg.szybalski@finotech.ch
LinkedIn: Joerg Szybalski

Mr. Heiko Schmidke

Mr. Heiko Schmidke

Director Finotech Brand

My former working experience in Germany with Henkel in Sealants and Adhesive and for Rolf Kuhn in Fire Protection systems taught me how to build and run specialties markets for the sake of our stakeholders and clients. Building a new strategic pillow for Finotech by using my knowledge and abilities thrills me to the outmost and gives a perfect platform for sustainable growth.

Tel: +49 162 711 56 09
E-Mail: heiko.schmidke@finotech.ch
LinkedIn: Heiko Schmidke

Miss Carey Zhu

Miss Sabrina Mariani

Sales Administration & Logistics

After quite some years working already in the business field of sealants and adhesives I am really proud to support our business model at FINOTECH Switzerland. Customer focus is what will bring value into the market and to be very honest, every single order and happy customers makes me smiling every day.

Tel: +41 44 57 77 63 9
E-Mail: Sales_Service@finotech.ch