Finotech® FSGTe Fire Stop

Finotech® FSGT e    Fire Stop Glazing Tape Expandable


  • Building Components Industries


  • FINOTECH® FSGTe is based on ceramic-fibre-cotton with expandable graphite and ensures excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1260°C. FINOTECH® FSGTe is asbestos-free and can be used as thermal insulation in a wide range of application, particularly in the field of passive fire protection glazing.


  • 2 to 6 mm thick and width 8 – 1000 mm, grey colour, rolls-length 10 m, box 300 x 300 x 300 mm, rolls in a box depend on width.

Service Offering

  • Constructive technical support

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1260 °C

Suitable for applications in constructions with high thermal loads

Expands approx. 5 times

Creates a protective char-foam

Very low thermal conductivity coefficient

Good sound and thermal insulator in construction

Asbestos free

Harmless for installer, end-user and environment

Excellent tensile strength

Easy handling and application no tear-off

Finotech® FSGT<span style='text-transform: none;'>e</span> <span class='wbr'></span>Fire Stop Glazing Tape Expandable

Finotech® FSGTe Fire Stop