Finotech® FSCI Fire Stop Cooling Insert

Finotech® FSCI   Fire Stop Cooling Insert


  • Building Components Industries


  • FINOTECH® FSCI is a non-combustible, magnesium-sulphate-cement board, lightened with expanded perlite and with a glass fibre mesh reinforcement. It is particularly suitable for the insulation of fire-resistant doors and in aluminium and steel profile systems.


  • Thicknesses 2 to 20 mm, board size 1200 x 2400 mm, customized sizes on request, grey colour, 48 – 100 pcs. on a pallet

Service Offering

  • Constructive technical support

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Excellent thermal insulation by chemical bond water

Cooling effect in fire rated constructions

Available in low thicknesses of 2 and 3mm

Low additional weight by high performance, design flexibility

Soundproofing and thermal conductivity

Good sound and thermal insulator in construction

Easy to cut

Design flexibility

Asbestos- and Formaldehyde-free

Harmless in application

Finotech® FSCI <span class='wbr'></span>Fire Stop Cooling Insert

Finotech® FSCI Fire Stop Cooling Insert