Finotech® SQ-600 LVOC

Finotech® SQ-600 LVOC


  • Building Component & Construction Industry


  • Fire rated wet sealing glass to frame for windows, doors and partitions. Also for construction application like as for sealing joints and connection joints in between room sealing wall, rainscreen facades and cladding applications.


  • 300 ml cartridge
  • 600 ml sausage

Service Offering

  • Adhesion tests
  • Compatibility tests

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Oxime cure Silicones technology

Ease of application, primeless adhesion on glass, anodized and painted aluminum profiles and steel, outmost UV and weatherability

Accommodates ±25% Joint movement

Sealing ensured despite movement in the joint

Fire classification Class E acc. EN 13501-1 / 4 hours resistant acc. EN 1366-4

Perfect for applications in fire protection systems

Low VOC class A+

Safes health and environment

Low Sag or Slump

Suitable for horizontal, vertical overhead joint application

Moderate skin forming time

Avoids dust pick up before curing, leaves time to joint tooling

Finotech® SQ-600 LVOC

Finotech® SQ-600 LVOC