Finotech® SQ-610

Finotech® SQ-610


  • Construction industries
  • Façade cladding, Construction Weathersealing


  • One-part neutral cure silicone – ready to be used through cartridge and sausage dispensers


  • 300 ml cartridge
  • 600 ml sausage

Service Offering

  • Adhesion tests

Product USP's - Customer Benefits

Oxime “No MEKO” cure silicone’s technology

Ease of application
Primer less adhesion on glass, concrete, mortar, bricks and window / doors frames
Outmost UV and weatherability

High movement

Accommodates ±25% joint movement

System product with IG and SG sealants branded Finotech® SQ

Secured chemical compatibility with system products

Non Stain to most natural stone substrates

No discoloration of stones through the sealant

Contains anti-fungicide

Prevent fast growth of mildews on the sealant

No Sag and appropriate extrusion rate

Fast application speed
Suitable for all construction joint

Moderate skin time

Avoids dust pick up before curing
Leaves time to joint tooling

Finotech® SQ-610

Finotech® SQ-610